Campaign Against Landlord Licensing in Enfield
This secure site helps you to contribute towards the judicial review of Enfield Council's decision to license all landlords, managing agents and private rented properties in the borough.
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I know enough about the licensing scheme to support the Campaign Against Landlord Licensing in Enfield *

If you want to learn more, have a look at the website:
We expect to win against Enfield Council. On winning, we will apply for costs against Enfield Council and we expect to return your contribution in full.

In the unlikely event that we lose and the court decides that we have to meet Enfield Council's costs, this Fund will be used to pay them.

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R(Regas) v LB Enfield Landlord Legal Fund

1. The fund supports Constantinos Regas in his proposed judicial review of Enfield Council's decision to license private rented properties.

2. Enfield Council took its decision on 9 April 2014. On 24 June 2014 Constantinos served a letter before action on the council. He issued proceedings in the High Court on 9 July 2014. At that point he had no legal representation. He has since instructed various lawyers. *

3. The Fund will be used to pay for case costs. These include legal fees, court fees and other costs, such as expert witness reports and transcripts.

4. The Fund will be managed by a Committee of at least three people. Three people will have to sign cheques paid from the Fund. *

5. Our lawyers are only being paid by us until the permission hearing on 2 October 2014. Constantinos has negotiated a heavily discounted fee, which is fixed. After that, the lawyers will work on a no win no fee basis. Other costs, such as Court fees, will still need to be paid. *

6. If we win, we will ask the Court to order Enfield Council to pay back all our costs. All Contributors to the Fund will then get all their money back or, if it is less than that, in proportion to how much they put in.

7. If we lose, the Fund will be used to pay any costs ordered by the Court against Constantinos. *

8. We can only refund money if people tell us who they are and how to contact them. If we can't trace you, the money will go to charity.

9. We will keep confidential the names of Contributors and how much they have contributed. Contributors can choose to tell others about their contribution. There is a small risk that the court can also order us to tell them the names and amounts. *

I agree with these Summary Rules.

If I want to look at the more detailed Fund Rules, I will read the attachment which will be emailed to me.

Any contribution I make is in accordance with the Fund Rules. If I make a contribution, I am showing that I agree with the Fund Rules. I also confirm that my contribution is made from a legitimate source. *

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